Preparing Your Quilt

The better your quilt top is prepared, the better the finished result will be.

Your quilt top should be pressed well from teh topside during piecing. This eliminates little folds that can form from the back. Borders that are not measured and attached properly will have a profound affect on the quilting. Too short will result in a baggy quilt center that may have puckers or pleats in the quilt center. Too long and they will flare and ripple resulting in puckers and pleats in the border.

Trim all threads from the backside of the quilt. These threads from piecing or raveling can sometimes shadow through on lighter fabric areas. We will do our best to check for these, but once the quilt is quilted these are almost impossible to remove.

Your quilt top should be clean, pressed and squared up with no uneven edges. DO NOT baste or pin quilt layers together.

Your 100% cotton quilt backing must be at least 4" larger than the top on all sides. It may be a single piece (we carry fabrics 108" to 120" wide) or can be one that you have pieced together. Press your seams open and & backstitch each end when piecing your back together. Make sure your quilt back is square. Please do not bring a sheet.

We recommend a better quality quilt batting. It must be 3" larger than the quilt top on all sides. Lesser quality battings have eneven density, are too fragile, shred in handling, may beard or have too high a loft and my spoil your quilt. We offer top quality 100% Cottong and Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs 100% wool.

We have thread colors to choose from. If we do not have the right color, we will be happy to order it for your quilt. You may choose from solid or veriegated for just the right look for your quilt. Because threads used by long arm machines are specially designed for high-speed quilting, we cannot use thread that you provide.

If we are binding your quilt, please provide us with 1 yeard of fabric. All unused fabric will be returned to you.