Quilting Patterns

Here are a few sample patterns for you to see to help in determining the difference between simple, medium, and intricate pantograph patterns. There are thousands of different patterns to choose from when you have your consultation, but this can help provide some idea as to the complexity of the patterns. Custom quilt patterns usually involve multiple patterns and can be better demonstrated at your consultation appointment.

Simple Open Pantographs:

Noodle SoupPaisley FeathersAspen LeavesBig BubblesHearts & LoopsLoop D Loop

Meander and Medium Dense Pantographs:

New StarsFlower SwirlsGinko LeavesChestnut Swirls
MeanderSquare MeanderBCA Hearts and RibbonsRoses
Wiggle Weave

Intricate and Dense Pantographs:

Noodle SoupPaisley FeathersAspen LeavesBig Bubbles
Swirly RibbonsWater RipplesBubbles EverywhereLace