Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is there a minimum or maximum size you can quilt?
The maximum size I can fit on my machine is a California King. There is no minimum size - however, I do have a minimum price of $45.00 for the amount of time it takes to set everything up.

How long does it take to turn around a quilting job?
Quality workmanship with a 2-4 week turn around schedule.

Do I baste or pin all the pieces together when I deliver them to you?
No. Your quilt top should be clean, pressed and squared up with no uneven edges. In order to put the quilt on the machine the pieces need to be separate.

How do I decide what size and/or pattern for my quilt?
I provide a FREE consultation for you to come and discuss what it is you are wanting your quilt to look like. You can view a variety of samples as well as look through the patterns I have available.

How many quilting patterns do you have? part of your consultation we can go through the general ideas of what you would like as far as simple, intricate or custom designs. Once that is decided upon you can select from my book of patterns and choose what you would like.

What is the difference between a simple, intricate, or custom quilt design?
The diffrence lies in the density of the stitching for the patterns. A simple pattern takes far less time than a dense or intricate pattern. Custom designs may include simple or intricate patterns but require additional labor intensive time to coordinate locations on the quilt itself. To see samples of the various types of quilting patterns, click here.  

What types of batting do you recommend?
We recommend a better quality quilt batting. Lesser quality battings have uneven density, are too fragile, shred in handling, may beard or have uneven loft and may spoil your quilt. Batting in bags is VERY distorted and can cause bumps, creases or an uneven finished quilt. We offer 100% cotton, Hobbs 80/20 & Hobbs 100% wool that comes in a large roll that is very uniform in loft.

Can I provide my own thread?
Because threads used by long arm machines are specially designed for high-speed quilting, we cannot use thread that you provide. We have many thread colors for you to choose from. You may choose from solid or variegated for just the right look for your quilt. If we do not have the right color, we will be happy to order it for your quilt. The charge for thread ranges from $3.00 - $5.00.